Mysteries of Earth that have not been Revealed

Mysteries of Earth that have not been Revealed

Despite the progress and achievements in science and technology, people still do not thoroughly understand our planet.

To explain why Earth has humidity, the scientists said that the Earth is a dry ice block after formation 4.5 billion years ago. Earth formed its reservoirs in the phase of collisions with icy asteroids. Nevertheless, the origin of water on our planet remains a mystery because there is little evidence remaining stones from this period.

Iron and nickel are absent in the crust of the planet, it may exist in Earth's core. However, the gravity measurements in the 1950s revealed that this was incorrect. Earth's core is too light. Today, researchers continue to speculate the elements leading to the lack of proportion below the Earth's crust.

There is no global consensus about the terrible collision theory between Earth and a planet the size of Mars that formed the Moon, because some details are not clear. Still, a young Earth, spinning faster could emissions molten rock enough during a collision to form a moon has a similar chemical composition, according to other research models.

In terms of the origins of life on Earth, scientists now have not detected any direct fossil traces about the first inhabitants of the Earth, which may be the natural bacteria chew rocks shui. However, the most basic elements of life, such as amino acids and vitamins, were found on the ice particles inside asteroids and in the most extreme environments on Earth.

According to scientists, our survival depends on the cyanobacteria, microorganisms helped fundamental change Earth's atmosphere. They emit oxygen and make the atmosphere full of oxygen for the first time about 2.4 billion years ago. However, ice shedding, oxygen levels up and down like a rollercoaster for 3 billion years, until it was stable in the Cambrian period, about 541 million years ago.

The thin arrays on the Earth’s crust are collisions create the spectacle of majestic mountains and volcanic eruptions violently. However, geologists are still not aware of the time of onset of collision of plate tectonics.

Statistical models can generate forecasts about the possibility of earthquakes in the future, similar to the meteorological experts warn of upcoming rain. However, that does not help people get rid of the failure to predict the next earthquake.